COVID-19 Measures

CIB focuses its human, technological and strategic effort to help restaurants and restaurateurs in adapting the new paradigm, while providing the best training experience.

COVID-19 Measures

CIB focuses its human, technological and strategic effort to help restaurants and restaurateurs in adapting the new paradigm, while providing the best training experience.



Since the appearance of the first cases of COVID infection in Spain, the CIB® · Culinary Institute of Barcelona has initiated a series of measures to reduce the risk of infection in our training center.

Measures to travel to Spain - IMPORTANT!
As of November 23, 2020, every person coming from a risk area must have in their possession a document proving that they have undergone a PCR in the 72 hours prior to the trip and that the result has been negative.
Sanitary control at territorial borders
If you are flying to Spain from other countries, it is mandatory to fill out the Health Control Form (FCS) associated with your trip to present it at the Health Control of the airport of arrival in Spain. (YOU CAN FIND THE LINK IN THE RESOURCES SECTION OF THIS PAGE).
Practical sessions allowed at school
It has been specified that the practical sessions can be taught in face-to-face format. At CIB, the vast majority of sessions are practical activities, so we continue to teach classes normally.
New mobility measures described by the Government
It has been specifically specified that the mobility of people to go to work and to go to school is allowed. This is a priority for all EU governments to maintain economic activity.
A restricted mobility schedule has been put in place for people that does not affect the CIB's activity. The schedule is from 10pm to 6am the next day. This restriction wants to avoid nocturnal movements, and does not affect normal daytime activity.
New government measures and application in the CIB
The public health area of ​​the Government of Spain has indicated a series of measures to reduce the mobility of people. Teleworking in companies is prioritized to reduce the possibilities of interaction and possible contagion. At the CIB more than two thirds of the staff are working in a home office format.
The CIB applies the new extraordinary measures issued by the Department of Education
The CIB strictly follows the Department of Education's Covid-19 case management protocol, in addition to the CIB's own Covid-19 risk prevention protocol.
CIB response to the new measures
From the CIB measures are taken to guarantee the safety of our students: reduction of capacity in classrooms, temperature taken before entering the school for all people, hydroalcoholic gel points throughout the school, mandatory use of a mask, natural ventilation in the classrooms during the sessions, cleaning and disinfecting shared areas and kitchen work areas, and self-responsibility.
Face-to-face reduction and online alternative
Presence is prioritized, but the alternative of online sessions is used in the event that a student or a group must remain in isolation due to direct or indirect contact with a positive.
Update measures of the Government of Spain
In all the countries of the European Union (EU), to protect the health system and guarantee the capacity to care for people, some restrictive measures have been put in place on people's mobility.
Travel restrictions
On March 2, seven days after the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Barcelona, workers and students were told that anyone traveling to a foreign country had to go through a three-week quarantine period before rejoining work.
Partial quarantine and Activity Restrictions
Since March 6, the workers of the Student Office, everyone from Marketing and Sales department, were ordered to carry out their tasks from their homes, leaving only the Operations and Production areas at the school. On the same day, March 6, all planned field trips were canceled until further notice.
Quarantine for students
On March 13, we gathered all students to inform them that we were waiting to receive instructions from the authorities and that we recommended starting a quarantine in our homes. On the same day, the students were informed of the closing of the school on the following day, March 14.
Total quarantine for workers
On March 14, the Operations and Production teams received instructions and began the quarantine that is still in force.
Start of tutoring for students
The online tutoring service for CIB students began on March 16.
Emotional support for students
Knowing that many of our students are very far from their families, on March 23 we started the support service for students, through personal calls by phone and videoconference and thus provide emotional support to all of them.
Online sessions
On March 26, digital content began.

Message from the CIB Community,

As the situation around COVID-19 evolves, at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, ​​we continue to do everything possible to create a safe environment for students and their staff, even if the campus does not remain open to the public.

From the CIB governing bodies, a series of administrative, legal, operational and functional measures have been implemented to make the correct and responsible decisions for students and workers.

Without a doubt we have changed the way of working and analyzing everything that happens, forcing us to increase the frequency of the Board of Directors from once a quarter to once a week and of the Management Committee from once a week to once or twice a day.

We continue to monitor COVID-19, and we are reflecting our policies based on the recommendations of all official authorities. We are working closely with local health officials and renowned individuals on each issue.

Because we understand that uncertainty is accompanying us every day and this makes it very difficult to make decisions, at the CIB we have developed a series of additional measures that affect our students as follows:

  • The online sessions that are being held daily are not part of the CIB's regular training in its Haute Cuisine Chef Diploma, Fire and Low Temperature Postgraduate Specialist, Pastry and Chocolate Specialist Chef Postgraduate and Executive Restaurant Management. In each session, it is indicated to which program each theme is oriented and it is advisable to attend each of the sessions of the program to which they are enrolled. The rest of the students are invited and none are required to attend. Some sessions are transversal and are recommended for all students.
  • The students of the September 2019 and January 2020 calls who have not completed their studies at the CIB and are currently confined to their homes, will continue their training from the moment the authorities allow us to reopen the center.
  • From the September 2019 and January 2020 calls, students who have not completed their studies at the CIB and are currently confined abroad and cannot travel to our center on the reopening date, will receive a validation of the period completed and will be able to retake the part remaining in the calls September 2020, January 2021, May 2021 and September 2021 at no cost.
  • For the May 2020 call for the Haute Cuisine Chef Diploma course, the students who had planned to start the course on April 28, 2020, have been enrolled in the September 2020, January 2021 and May 2021 editions according to their convenience.
  • The students of the May 2020 call for the Postgraduate Chef Specialist in Molecular Cuisine and Postgraduate Chef Specialist in Integrative Healthy Cooking who had planned to start the course on April 28, 2020, have been enrolled in the January 2021 and September 2021 editions according to their convenience .
  • The students of the course in Strategic Restaurant Management are postponed for the following year. The students enrolled in the May 2020 call have been enrolled in the next edition.
  • For those students who, having enrolled in any call and cannot guarantee their attendance on the agreed date, have two years from the date of their enrollment to start any of the CIB courses with which they meet the admission requirements.

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We all face uncertain times. We all continue to look to the future with optimism, while knowing the need for flexibility if things change. We also realize that the desire of many to continue improving, even during difficult periods, is constant. And that's why we are offering worry-free booking options to give the most dedicated and passionate the opportunity to continue their development plan worry-free.

That is why all the registrations that we start on these dates have an additional clause that allows you to make the start date more flexible for one year at no additional cost. We remind you that at CIB, programs start in January, May and September every year, so this flexibility will be very easy and comfortable to apply without too much unnecessary waiting time.


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