Covid-19 measures

Everything ready for your arrival

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona focuses its human, technological and strategic effort to help restaurants and restaurateurs in adapting the new paradigm while providing the best training experience.

Three students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona greeting each other at Covid's time.
Since COVID-19 began, students from more than 60 nationalities have come to study at the CIB

We are prepared

Our organizational system, facilities, programs and staff have been prepared and adopted security measures to ensure the best possible formative experience at all times.

At the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, ​​we have focused human, technological and strategic efforts to guarantee an excellent educational experience whatever the pedagogical format. We have prepared and adapted to the sanitary regulations for any scenario, extraordinary situation and alarm state.

Prevention plan and protocol

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona has developed a prevention plan following the protocol issued by the Health Department of the Generalitat de Cataluña and following the risk prevention recommendations of Quirón Salud, which establish and deploy extraordinary measures that guarantee health and security for CIB's community. This comprehensive plan includes hygiene, organizational, technical, collective and individual measures.

Two students and a professor from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona talking

The CIB's commitment

From the governing bodies of the CIB, the administrative, legal, operational and functional measures have been executed, taking the correct and responsible decisions for students and workers.


Always putting collective security before any decision and action.


Complying with the strict regulations by the health authorities and executing the continuous prevention plan.


With a transparent policy towards our students, workers and health authorities of the decisions that influence the safety of all.

Measures to ensure maximum security

Multiple hydroallocholic gel points in the facilities, control of disinfection of spaces and furniture.
Adapted classrooms with all the necessary technology to follow the training in the event of a state of alarm and confinement.
The capacity, hours, distances, signs and protocols of each space and process of the school have been carefully defined.
Hygienic and safety measures have been implemented to guarantee the health of everyone who occasionally or continuously inhabits our classrooms.
Prevention and action measures have been defined, updated and implemented in the event of contagion inside or outside the school.
Advised and continuously updated, the governing bodies and functions are up to date with all rigor of state and health regulations.
Access, temperature, and schedules' control are carried out, avoiding funnels at the entrance and exit of the campus, as well as a registry of external and punctual users.
Signage to promote hygiene measures, prevention and signaling of entrance and exit circuits throughout the campus.
Conversation of four students at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Reserve your place with confidence

Reserve your place flexibly.

We all face uncertain times and continue to look to the future with optimism. For this reason, we offer worry-free booking options to give the most dedicated and passionate the opportunity to continue their professional development plan without worry.

That is why all the registrations that we start on these dates have an additional clause that allows you to make the start date more flexible for one year at no additional cost. We remind you that at the CIB the programs start in January, May and September each year, with this flexibility it will be very easy and comfortable to apply without too much unnecessary waiting time.


FAQ'S about COVID-19

What health and safety measures is the CIB applying for students arriving in Spain and on campus?

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona strictly follows the Covid-19 case management protocol of the Department of Education, in addition to having developed a prevention plan following the protocol by the Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia and following the prevention recommendations from Quirón Previsión's Risk Report, in which extraordinary measures are established and deployed to guarantee the safety and health of the CIB community. This comprehensive plan includes hygiene, organizational, technical, collective and individual measures.

Do I have to anticipate arriving in Barcelona sooner in case a possible mandatory quarantine occurs?

Depending on the country of origin, Spain may impose some limitations or others. Check this page to know the access obligations to Spain / European Union

The CIB will be flexible and offer the maximum assistance in possible individual situations.

What measures has the CIB taken with the field trips?

As long as the safety and mobility regulations allow it, field trips will continue to be part of the experiential content. At this time, although the mobility restrictions have been relaxed, certain restrictions continue in the places of visit, which temporarily prevent these activities from being carried out.

Until the field trips can be carried out safely, the CIB has taken measures to bring the experiences of the field trips to our facilities as a measure of internal protection and to avoid possible propagation as an exercise of social responsibility collective.

How does the issue of capacity work? What limitations does it have?

We have reduced the capacity of our facilities to adapt it to the current COVID-19 regulations, in addition to applying complementary protection measures, such as the use of masks, hydrogel dispensers, marked entry and exit circuits and temperature taking when accessing the facilities.

What happens if you miss the admission deadlines due to COVID-19?

In order to ensure the places assigned to each program, the admission and payment deadlines are mandatory for all students, otherwise the place may be lost. However, in the current situation, the CIB would study each duly justified case, with a flexible approach and individually.

Are the classes face-to-face or online?

The classes are face-to-face. However, there may be some complementary activities that can be developed in a hybrid format (before, during or after the face-to-face sessions), forming part of the pedagogical model, regardless of the pandemic situation.

How are group activities managed?

The CIB has limited its capacity to 50% of the facility's capacity and will work within the usual working group.

If I have had the virus, can I attend classes?

As long as you have received the medical discharge, the medical services advise it and you have sent the medical report to the CIB student office department.

What would happen if I feel unwell in my home or in the facilities?

If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, you must notify us through the person responsible for the program or your coordinator. If you are outside the CIB, contact the student's office through the following email students@cib.education and let us know. We will contact you and activate the action protocol for a possible case of COVID-19.

What is the protocol to follow if a positive case of covid-19 is detected at school?

Every day the temperature is taken at the entrance to the facility. If someone has a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, they will proceed to isolate that person in a room and call the medical attention center to initiate the corresponding sanitary protocol (normally, it consists of going to the health center to do a PCR test, and wait for the result and medical indications at home).

Should I do the PCR for the first day of classes at the CIB?

No. It is not mandatory, but you must sign a certificate of self-responsibility stating that you do not have or have had symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

What requirements are there to enter Spain?

Depending on the country of origin, the restrictions may vary. It is advisable to consult the official website of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Spain:



Does the CIB provide masks?

Yes. The CIB provides a mask that complies with the rules and regulations to all of its students. Wearing the mask is ALWAYS mandatory within the facility.

What happens if we enter a phase of confinement?

This situation is not contemplated in any of the scenarios as of today (04/01/2021). The plan to follow in case of confinement would be to postpone and make up curricular classes after confinement. And the option of offering some generic online sessions that would not be substitutes for the curricular content but would be complementary.

¿Should we talk?

You can write to us whenever you want to students@cib.education or by calling (+34) 93 5951430 or (+34) 681 169 691